Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sweet Sonakshi Sinha avails Sallu's goat?

Sweet Sonakshi Sinha avails Sallu's goat?: Salman Khan is absolutely defensive about Sonakshi Sinha, that we all know. In any case the youngster's gossipy methods have reportedly got Salman's goat.

Sonakshi Sinha has obviously been bustling doing idhar ki baat udhar while shuttling among the sets of Salman Khan's Dabangg 2 and Ajay Devgan's Son Of Sardar. The stream of gossip has been more restricted, however. How?

We catch that Sonakshi can’t accommodate but yap off each moment item of the happenings on the sets of Dabangg 2 to her mates on the sets of Son Of Sardar. It goes without idiom that the majority of people is intrigued by knowing each succulent titbit from the sets of Dabangg 2, and Sonakshi is the bearer of news for them.

It is thought that the news of Salman Khan having a tiff with his blood mate Arbaaz Khan (moreover the maker director of Dabangg 2) got out when Sonakshi spilled the beans in one of her visit sessions on the sets of Son Of Sardar. A different episode when Salman Khan sent back 400 dancers who had garnered on the sets to shoot for an article song made for a zesty gossip and Sonakshi doubtlessly couldn’t hush up about it.

At the same time Salman Khan who has put his sweat and heart into Dabangg 2 isn’t satisfied with the news from the sets dripping out, additional so from the picture's heading woman. It's not known in case he has communicated his dismay to Sonakshi Sinha, but we speculate even a courteous motion from Salman to that impact will have Sonakshi utilizing more carefulness in reveling her gossipy side.

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