Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sunny Leone to get role in another sequel named 'Ragini MMS'

Sunny Leone to get role in another sequel named 'Ragini MMS': Scares and sensuality can construct an exciting mix. Ekta Kapoor's Ragini MMS was littered with both and the sequel vows to be more sizzling with Sunny Leone being marked on to play the spearheading woman.

Bollywood has opened its avenues to the Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone with additional energy than a significant number of prudes had foreseed. No sooner is the youngster done with the first timetable of her debut Hindi film Jism 2 than she's marked for the sequel of Ragini MMS.

Ekta Kapoor, the producer of Ragini MMS has affirmed the news and stated that Sunny is suited for the role as she acts for sensuality at its top.

The sequel will understandably have a liberal measurement of exotic matter. Kapoor calls it a startling date motion picture for youngsters.

Ragini MMS was dependent upon a legitimate encounter of a Delhi young lady. It's sequel, we listen to, is moreover enlivened from an accurate story.

Consistent with an insider, “the scale of the sequel is much greater than the first one and can be much scarier and it can be full of sex and sensuality.”

It's a role tailor-made for Sunny Leone.

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