Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Will Akshay Kumar assume Salman Khan at box office?

Will Akshay Kumar assume Salman Khan at box office?: What is this occurrence in the B-town? Yesterday, reports prescribed that Aamir Khan and Salman Khan could crash at the case office with Dhoom 3 and Dabangg 2 discharging on the same date! Today, we find that there may be a crash amidst Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan with Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2 and Ek Tha Tiger booked to discharge on Eid 2012!

We all know that Salman had put off the discharge of Ek Tha Tiger to Eid following year inasmuch as Aamir Khan desired his following with Reema Kagti, Dhuan, to discharge on 1st June. Interestingly, Ekta Kapoor had busy the Eid of 2012 well in development for the discharge of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2, but, disregarding this truth of the matter, the crew of Ek Tha Tiger likewise picked the same date!

The million greenback inquiry now is: will the creators of both the films keep away from the crash and update their discharge dates or will they adhere to their determination? Well, with the association of Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan, the several of the largest stars in Bollywood, colossal sum of coin is at stake!

The same amount as we could not need any of the a few films to acquire any misfortunes owed to the same discharge date, we won’t brain witnessing the Mujhse Shaadi Karogi most fit associates crashing at the container office either!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Arjun Rampal's Ra.One look superior to SRK's G.One?

Arjun Rampal's Ra.One look superior to SRK's G.One?: Arjun Rampal's R.One look has made a vacillate web-based with viewers giving it a thumbs up, with most incredibly asserting that Arjun's look is far additional awesome that Shahrukh Khan's G.One. Here is the changing, movement pressed trailer of Ra.One offering Arjun Rampal for the first time. Absent it could be your misfortune!

Shahrukh Khan's well-kept secret is out

Now you could probably find the short lived flash of the titular lacking protagonist Ra.One. All these wild days, SRK has been hectic furthering ‘Ra.One’, but he was perky about one thing, and that was to conceal the look of the scalawag of his picture ‘Ra.One’. When the hole of the melody Chammak Challo and later the whole ‘Ra.One’ music collection, SRK was auxiliary mindful about Arjun's look in the picture.

As swore, Shahrukh Khan uncovers the first look of detestable Ra.One in a brand new, shocking, activity pressed trailer.

Tum har saal Raavan ko isliye jalaate ho kyunki tum jante ho woh kabhi nahi marta, states the malevolent rapscallion of Ra.One, Arjun Rampal.

Let the fight start

Arjun Rampal is thrilled to be a part of this fabulous picture. He in particular like his supervillain suit and expresss its awesome. You could probably likewise observe his startling dark veil in the trailer, and if G.One (Shahrukh) has blue eyes, Ra.One (Arjun) has red.

Separated from Arjun, the film in addition has the Chinese-American character Tom Wu. Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra are the shock portions of the picture as both supported do visitor presence, while superstar Rajinikanth is repeating his part of the robot Chitti from Endhiran in ‘Ra.One’, and could be perceived in a cameo.

CHECKOUT VIDEO: Shahrukh Khan warns his adversaries in 'Don 2'

CHECKOUT VIDEO: Shahrukh Khan warns his adversaries in 'Don 2': Yet as we understand every last trace of the energy surrounding Ra.One, here is the newfangled teaser of Shahrukh Khan's Christmas discharge Don 2.

Tapping his brow with the gag of the firearm he wields, the subtle and unforgiving Don shoots forward a warning to his adversaries. What that warning is might as well preferred be viewed over composed about, for the method Shahrukh Khan transports it is incomparable.

Regulated by Farhan Akhtar, Don 2 is one of the excitedly expected pictures of the year, as the fans are sharp to know how the head will convey the story advance from where he finished it in Don.

The motion picture is slated to hit the theatres on December 23.

Friday, October 14, 2011

CHECKOUT: Bollywood's most sultry import, Candice Boucher of 'Aazaan'

CHECKOUT: Bollywood's most sultry import, Candice Boucher of 'Aazaan': Feel the hotness wave! From singing the pages of Playboy magazine with her breathtaking bare pics to a delightful sand creator in the film Aazaan, this South African lassie has progessed beyond anyone's expectations. Candice Boucher, is touted to be the most blazing import of the year 2011.

All the more after her presentation in Bollywood, Candice Boucher has got a considerable measure of individuals talking. All things considered, its not frequently that we see a kid who uncovered for a Playboy photoshoot act in a Hindi picture. Candice declares, “I never pictured myself in a Bollywood film…I would like to see a ton of India.”

Ask her depending on if she knows anybody in Bollywood, and the 27-year-old model will response that she is a great aficionado of Aishwarya Rai. In the film Azaan, Candice plays a sand creator. The picture ,which stars newcomer Sachiin Joshi, is a worldwide surveillance thriller concerning a source who needs to go undercover past the adversary lines to recovery the country from decimation by natural warfare. Candice has a minor but critical function in the picture which is steered by Prashant Chadha. When doing the rounds of universal picture celebrations, the film is discharging in India on October 14.

Show Candice Boucher, such as countless firang angels in B-town, is sharp to study Hindi. At the same time Bollywood isn’t the just thing she's focussing on!

Not permitted to meet Shahrukh Khan, fans turn violent!

Not permitted to meet Shahrukh Khan, fans turn violent!: Shahrukh Khan is on a whirlwind tour of India to advocate his upcoming perfect work of art Ra.One, but his visit to Bhopal on Thursday headed to a law and request situation in light of the many fans who accumulated to have a take a gander at the superstar.

Well, if anybody suspected that Shahrukh insanity is on the wane, they might as well have perceived the ocean of folks that turned up at a shopping center in Bhopal when Shahrukh Khan reached to push Ra.One.

Seeing that the passage was permitted on passes, a considerable measure of fans who did not have passes were not let in. Wrathful over not being permitted to see and meet Shahrukh, the fans, hundreds in number, turned violent.

Reports declare the fans started pelting stones at the police and security staff. To control the uncontrollable swarm, the police had to reportedly fall back on a gentle stick charge. In the fight that resulted, a few policemen and a sub-divisional judge reportedly managed minor damages. Nonetheless, the scenario was soon carried under control.

Be that as it may it testifies to one thing: Shahrukh keeps on to remain an anger around his fans.

Shahrukh's EXCLUSIVE Tamil Teaser Dildara Video Song

Shahrukh's EXCLUSIVE Tamil Teaser Dildara Video Song

First look Video Trailer of the evil 'Ra.One', Arjun Rampal

First look Video Trailer of the evil 'Ra.One', Arjun Rampal: Tum har saal Raavan ko isliye jalaate ho kyunki tum jante ho woh kabhi nahi marta, says the devilish villain of Ra.One, Arjun Rampal. As promised, Shahrukh Khan reveals the first look of evil Ra.One in a new, amazing, action packed trailer.

Now you can catch the fleeting glimpse of the titular anti-hero Ra.One. Shahrukh Khan’s well-kept secret is out. All these crazy days, he’s been busy promoting ‘Ra.One’, but he was upbeat about one thing, and that was to hide the look of the villain of his film ‘Ra.One’. After the leak of the song Chammak Challo and later the entire ‘Ra.One’ music album, Khan was extra cautious about Arjun’s look in the film.

Arjun Rampal is thrilled to be a part of this grand film. He especially like his supervillain suit and says it’s terrific. You can also notice his scary black mask in the trailer, and if G.One (Shahrukh) has blue eyes, Ra.One (Arjun) has red.

Apart from Arjun, the movie also has the Chinese-American actor Tom Wu. Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra are the surprise elements of the film as both agreed to do guest appearances, while superstar Rajinikanth is reprising his role of the robot Chitti from Endhiran in ‘Ra.One’, and will be seen in a cameo.

Here is the dynamic, dhasu trailer of ‘Ra.One’ featuring Arjun Rampal for the first time. Missing it would be your loss:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tears, ploys and conciliatories sentiment in Bigg Boss 5

Tears, ploys and conciliatories sentiment in Bigg Boss 5: Irrevocably, some acting piece is start to advance in Bigg Boss 5. The nervous Pooja Missra's nakhre and Juhi Parmar's frankness coupled with the ganging up of Shakti Kapoor, Mandeep Bevli and Amar Upadhyay has made opponent amasses in the house.

The day ten of the show saw some tears, ploys and conciliatories sentiment. Shakti called Amar, Mandeep and Shraddha to his room to talk over the plausible groupism in the house. Shakti makes a request for every person's presumption to verify that they are not the target for the following round of assignments and likewise make Vida Samadzai the chief for the following week.

Shraddha Sharma and Shakti moreover choose that the time is now, to structure their particular amass and take a choice to begin distancing someone from the rest of the house soon. Mandeep and Mahek soon unite their exchange and the bunch makes degrees of progress in some plotting.

Prateik Babbar and Kalki Koechlin chasm on frozen custard to support 'My Friend Pinto'

Prateik Babbar and Kalki Koechlin chasm on frozen custard to support 'My Friend Pinto': Prateik Babbar and Kalki Koechlin have been snatching a significant spot of regard with their hatke ways of pushing their upcoming picture My Friend Pinto.

To begin with, it was Prateik who got a large number of a forehead raised over his promise to go without sex until the discharge of My Friend Pinto, which is processed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, and stars Prateik as a Goan chap.

Then the twosome was viewed strolling the incline at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. But also it was not a unremarkable rampwalk. Prateik and Kalki made faces and gave out clever representations while sashaying down the runway.

Now, the twosome was spotted glutting on gelatos, the gelato in any case.

Shahrukh Khan begins a whirlwind India tour for 'Ra.One'

Shahrukh Khan begins a whirlwind India tour for 'Ra.One': Shahrukh Khan is heading for good things for Ra.One. The King Khan has begun his bharat bhraman and will make up for lost time with his fans from Kolkata to Delhi.

Shahrukh was yesterday in Vadodara, Gujarat; previous he was in Chennai for ‘Ra.One’ sound start in Tamil; and soon he should be in the urban areas Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi, as a major aspect of his five-urban area tour after the discharge of his showstopper sci-fi.

Then again speculate who unveiled the portions of his tour? Performing artist-vocalist Meiyang Chang, who is going with the superstar on his India tour. Chang tweeted the calendar: “Hosting a 5-metropolis promotional tour of Ra.One with SRK! Baroda 12th Oct, Bhopal 13th Oct, Kolkata 15th Oct, Bangalore 16th Oct, Delhi 18th Oct.”

That would be call for a hurrah! And then fans from alternate urban areas require not fear as its caught that Shahrukh has gotten ready for 36-metropolis tour in India and abroad.

Shahrukh Khan additionally tweeted from Vadodara, “in vadodara.wot a gorgeous urban area. my first time here...under the appearance of elevations see situations i have never been to..whirlwind india tour!! had junior kids & youngsters emulating me on their several wheelers waving out & screeching. if its not too much trouble please make a special effort to be deliberate doing that i work toward getting scared for u all.”

Shahrukh will be visiting Dubai, too, for a great debut on October 24, while ‘Ra.One’ is hitting the theatres on October 26.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pregnant Aishwarya Rai Pictures

Pregnant Aishwarya Rai Pictures: Delightful but strictly accepted! Aishwarya Rai appears to have retired as a glitz diva following being pregnant, to be a bahu-nearby. Taking a prompt from her saas Jaya Bachchan and nanad Shweta Bachchan-Nanda (both love to wear Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla formations), Aishwarya, too, wore a salwar suit in cream colour by the architect twosome at the launch of Sri Hanuman Chalisa collection.

Looking full and peach, Aishwarya strolled in grace, reminding us that she is a previous marvelousness ruler. By reason of it was a religious occasion, a salwar suit was an ideal decision. In any case the suit was scarcely visible as Aishwarya preferred to blanket its shape as well as the child knock with the plain silk dupatta, and, dear me, ruined its for the most part look.

Yet we ponder why Ash has kept herself saved for religious occasions just, and why the most exceptionally delightful lady of India and moreover a top performing artist would like to wear just time honored dresses in the midst of her pregnancy?

On the other hand, one can’t miss to acknowledge that no matter how Aishwarya Rai cherishes to keep herself in private, she keeps on to get consideration, be it for her pictures, clan or her being preggers.

Bollywood folks not stylish enough, declares Kangana Ranaut

 Bollywood folks not stylish enough, declares Kangana Ranaut: The lovely Kangana Ranaut was in the capital to stroll the incline for planner Shantanu Goenka at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week on Monday. While conversing with the media, Kangana stated in a unabashed way that Bollywood absences style but sharp out that Sonam Kapoor and her Fashion co-star Priyanka Chopra are the just stylish individuals around.

We ponder what made the performer to make quite a remark. Kangana herself is known for her striking and special sensibility for styling. A considerable number of a time she has composed her particular attire. “I don’t would like to harm any individual with my comments, but I spot that the style remainder is lost in Bollywood aside from for Priyanka and Sonam who ability to move well,” Kangana told columnists in Delhi.

Strolling over again as a work of art, Kangana stole the show with her grace and marvelousness. She was dressed in an awe inspiring white and beige coloured outfit. Shantanu Goenka, the Kolkata-based architect, introduced a line roused by the French ruler Marie Antoinette. Consistent with him, Kangana was the ideal muse for this gathering.

“I would have liked Kangana to look ladylike, I didn't would like to go over the edge and I thought she totally advocated the topic,” states Shantanu.

However her Rascals couldn’t do much at the crate office, Kangana is looking forward to the sequel of her much-treasured film Tanu Weds Manu and additionally Ishqiya 2.

(In this pic-Kangana on incline at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012.)

Emma Watson was dumped for being well known

Emma Watson was dumped for being well known: While all guys on this planet are awestruck by Emma Watson's magnificence and distinction, her displayed-beau Francis Boulle states he dumped her since she was too acclaimed and was a kid virtuoso.

Boulle told Heat magazine: “We had a touch of a thing a while back, but I have constantly been an aggressive individual and I feel a distinct desire to actualize my particular reputation for what I’ve done.”

He united: ‘That's why I preferred not to follow it any longer, on the grounds that I didn’t would like to be the boyfriend of some little person actress.’

Interestingly, when he was asked assuming that he is still in touch with Emma Watson, Francis Boulle answered: “No, but we do offer a ton of shared companions and our ways cross from chance to time.”

Then again, he did confirm that however things are not worst case scenario among the several, he still recognizes Emma Watson totally cool and enthralling: “I in reality blatantly like Emma. She's a quite cool individual. She's a particularly better individual to who she is in the media. This is what I enjoyed concerning her--she's truly fascinating.”

Salman Khan to sentiment Kingfisher sexy Angela Jonsson!

Salman Khan to sentiment Kingfisher sexy Angela Jonsson!: Approve, we know that the news of Angela Jonsson perhaps marking a picture inverse the present box office dear Salman Khan is an old dope and Angela herself denied having marked the motion picture, but if the most recent buzz from B-town is to go by, she is still not precluded from the undertaking.

The motion picture, Sher Khan, should be made by Salman's sibling Sohail Khan, who is enthusiastic to thrown a brand new face inverse Salman.

Sohail Khan affirms that he has met Angela Jonsson and that she may be a plausible hopeful to sack the heading function inverse Salman, but he states the throwing should be finished just when the script is available.

Angela's business boss too did not deny that Angela was under thought for the part but basically stated that he's been asked not to compose any remarks about it.

Well, if Angela Jonsson does to be sure devise a workable plan to pack the lead part inverse Salman, it could be a dream make a big appearance for her. All things considered, don’t we comprehend what the super luck of Dabangg has done to Sonakshi Sinha's vocation!

Poonam Pandey ready to strip on Bigg Boss 5?

Poonam Pandey ready to strip on Bigg Boss 5?: Rumour has it that Poonam Pandey is all situated to storm into the Bigg Boss house as a visitor and make a significant sensation by showing her wares.

A ton of people were amazed to see that Poonam Pandey wasn’t in the first fourteen to drop in Bigg Boss 5. Buzz is that she cited a mammoth cost for the show, but her unlucky deficiency from the first parcel of hopefuls would have more to do to Poonam's private responsibilities.

Poonam is in a matter of seconds situated to start her particular online presence and accordingly might not have been far from her fans the same time as the launch. On the other hand, whenever the locale is up and running, Poonam will compose her presence felt in the Bigg Boss house as an extraordinary visitor, declares the buzz.

The statement going around is that Poonam will unite that auxiliary oomph that has been absent from the show thus far. So look for to see Poonam in skimpiest of dresses around the same time as her stint in the house.

Anyhow what's kept every warm body considering is in case Poonam will fulfil her yet-unfulfilled vow of going bare for Indian cricket crew. Obviously, she can’t go starkers on national TV, but she will beyond any doubt uncover a part.

How about we hold up and look at!

Sonakshi Sinha answers to an absurd fan

Sonakshi Sinha answers to an absurd fan: Twitter is likely a dream stage for the fans of stars to cooperate with them and tell their favourite actor/actress what amount of they fondness them! In any case, there is a particularly slender line amidst adoration and madness. And then looks like Sonakshi Sinha's fan crossed that line!

A devotee of Sonakshi had been tweeting her frantically and quickly day and night. One of his tweets peruses: “i m alwyz telling the god of Muhammad that if v wl nt b as a single unit in this globe bt the universe when this, her hand shld b in my hand.”

But also in the event that you think this was wild, you need to perused his alternate tweet! He inquired to enlist him as a nokar (servant): “@sonakshisinha plz kep me with u even ur nokar.”

But also the aforementioned are simply a couple of tweets we have said! His record is overflowed with tweets to Sonakshi!

Responding to the servant tweet, Sonakshi Sinha answered: “@owais7OVIE dont declare things like I wanna b ur nokar. Ooncha socho. I'm certain ur a youthful skilled individual. Make the most out of essence. Good fortunes.”

Sonakshi, it is stupendous to see that you administer to your fans! Now, you altogether defend the tweet by your fan: “@sonakshisinha my soni is ideal in globe.” Wink

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sanjay Dutt & Ajay Devgan's 'Rascals' opens good at box office

Sanjay Dutt & Ajay Devgan's 'Rascals' opens good at box office: Rapscallions, starring Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgan as several conmen, opened well at the case office with its discharge on Dussehra, on Thursday.

The film saw a confined discharge but figured out how to rake in a nice accumulation of Rs. 7.5 crore on the opening day. As the discharge grew on Friday, the accumulation is likewise looked for to climb. With everything taken into account, the picture is witnessing the inhabitance of around 60 to 70 percent. In its four-day weekend, the film is anticipated to touch or even cross the Rs. 30 crore check, this regardless of not-so-complimenting overviews from the pundits.

Additionally, the different a few discharges of the week, Love Breakups Zindagi and Soundtrack had a lukewarm begin on Friday. Of the a few, Love Breakups Zindagi, starring Dia Mirza and Zayed Khan, fared to a limited extent preferred but the number of footfalls isn’t totally empowering. Soundtrack had few takers on the opening day.

The final week's discharge Force, starring John Abraham as an opiates officer, adjusted off its first week with a gathering of Rs. 21.5 crore. The motion picture's accumulation is reasonable to plunge in its second week and its persistent business would not be able to cross Rs. 27 crore.

The following Friday could see various discharge: Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge, Azaan, Mod, My Friend Pinto and Jo Dooba So Paar-It's Love In Bihar!.

Rani Mukerji's flip-tumble about connection with Aditya Chopra!

Rani Mukerji's flip-tumble about connection with Aditya Chopra!: Simi Garewal's endeavor to wring out genuine truth from Rani Mukherjee concerning her asserted connection with Aditya Chopra amounted to nada.

Simi's indicate India's Most Desirable has perceived some enthralling acknowledgements and disclosures from stars like John Abraham and Ranbir Kapoor. Now, Simi trusted for a few comparable sensations from Rani Mukherjee; and what preferable stunner over an open induction of fondness from Rani.

Reports state that after the show, Simi got together with Rani backstage and struck a cheerful visit about Rani's private existence. The lady would have liked to make the character luxurious soon after the shoot with the goal that Rani doesn’t feel cumbersome noting private concerns on the show.

Surprisingly, while Rani shared a few insider facts to Simi when the show, once the cameras started to roll and Simi tossed the same private issue at Rani, the performer denied with a straight face that she had any connection with the Chopra scion.

Roots state Rani's flip-slump did come as an amazement to Simi but the last did not press the character on the matter.

Now, the statement is that the part where Simi poses Rani private issues may be even altered out in the last form of the show resulting from the fact that the lady didn’t get the stunning disclosures she would have liked to evoke from Rani.