Friday, April 13, 2012

Rakhi Sawant's ‘heartbroken’ by Dhanush?

Rakhi Sawant's ‘heartbroken’ by Dhanush?: Rakhi Sawant is a despised lady. Anyway she's not unleashing heck's anger, rather wishing well to the man she claims has offended her: Dhanush.

Rakhi asserts she was newly slated to perform with Dhanush on his prominent track ‘Kolaveri Di’ and she even had a particularly glitz dress prepared for the gig, but Dhanush, she claims, bowed out at the final moment. Rakhi asserts Dhanush was less than ideal that performing with the debate monarch Rakhi Sawant could sully his visualization.

“I am totally sorrowful,” states the acting piece diva while responding to Dhanush's snub.

Then again, Rakhi Sawant is not spitting blaze or abusing Dhanush. Rather, she's wishing him well.

“I am a huge fanatic of Dhanush's tunes and acting abilities. Granted that he didn't give credit where credit is due towards me and treated me as a untouchable, I ask that his tunes and pictures come to be more prominent than ever!” Rakhi is cited as maxim in a discussion.

This brand new smooth side of Rakhi is evidently the consequence of her ending up a supporter of Jesus Christ.

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