Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bollywood Actor 'John Abraham' play as Cop for 'Kala Ghoda'

Bollywood Actor 'John Abraham' play as Cop for 'Kala Ghoda': Following "Might", there's some more movement up the sleeves of Bollywood heartthrob John Abraham. The performer has over again joined to play a cop in executive Aditya Bhattacharya's newfangled picture Kala Ghoda which will moreover offer Kunaal Roy Kapoor of "Delhi Paunch" popularity.

"Kala Ghoda", set in the Mumbai underbelly, will be shot in certifiable time on real areas and vows some true blue activity.

"It's the story of several cops, one tough down to business and volatile played by John and the alternate a goofy ineffective botching cop, played by Kunaal Roy Kapoor, who meet up under attempting conditions for one night of constant activity in Mumbai," declared Aditya, who is Bimal Roy's grandson and chief Basu Bhattacharya's son.

The picture goes on the ground surfaces at the closure of the year and includes scenarios that come straight out of the record books of veritable-existence police stations. The head concedes he was at first hesitant to get into the undertaking.

"'Kala Ghoda' is a legitimate cops picture. But also my catchline for the picture could be 'No Firearm No Sport'. I was a bit reluctant. It was John's richness and vigor level that swayed me," declared Aditya Bhattacharya.

"His homework for the function is amazing. I hail from a sensibility contrasting from the prototype 'Bollywood' film. I felt John Abraham and I meeting up to do a picture could be as odd as John and Kunaal Roy Kapoor's elements in 'Kala Ghoda' meeting up.

"In any case John's commitment to the picture has influenced me that 'Bollywood' no longer exists. It is a state of brain where the dividers have broken up and a loner such as me has a place here," he united.

John Abraham, who will transform the picture, considers as a flat-plan lumpy autonomous picture, indicated for a particular target group of onlookers.

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