Thursday, April 26, 2012

John Abraham's marriage will be held at present year with Priya

John Abraham's marriage will be held at present year with Priya: John Abraham has at last affirmed that he will marry his lady friend Priya Runchal for the present year. Interestingly, he expresss the wedding might happen within months, or weeks, or even days. Anticipate a shock!

Existence starts at 40. The succinct adage keeps certain for the 39-year-old John Abraham who's on the cusp of beginning a newfangled innings in his existence: as a husband. Of late there have been rumours regarding the performing artist seting the groundwork to work toward getting married, with some gossipmongers yet going on to assert that he got covertly married to Priya in Los Angeles a few months back, but John is now at final available to head his sweetheart to the sacred place.

“Priya and I have chosen to work toward getting married for the present year,” John Abraham affirms in a meeting with TOI.

The performing artist expresss following he's an impulsive soul--but then, who isn’t when it approaches marrying quite women--he could even work toward getting married to Priya following week.

“I know it (marriage) can be for the present year, but I don't know when. It would be able to be in a few months or a few weeks. I am an absolutely impulsive fellow. So I could choose to work toward getting married following week!” John joined.

The performing artist likewise disclosed that it could be an enlisted wedding and there won’t be any religious ceremony.

The news of John's marriage can be met with celebration from some fans and grief from others, especially his stricken female fans, one or a few of who even solicited him recently to donate his sperm to them, courtesy Vicky Donor. Sorry women, the hunk is taken!

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