Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sexy Poonam Pandey's next clash with Adult Star Sunny Leone's next!

Sexy Poonam Pandey's next clash with Adult Star Sunny Leone's next!: Sunny Leone rose on the Indian telly circuit months following Poonam Pandey shot to features with her case to strip final year, yet Sunny stole the walk by marking her first film Jism 2 even as Poonam was bustling tickling her twitter devotees with scandalous movies. At the same time now, Poonam appears resolved for a nip and tuck contest with Sunny.

Poonam Pandey marked her first film just, and it is touted as the boldest film that Indian gathering will get to see. Be that as it may what gotten our heed is that the creators of Poonam's celluloid erotica have timed the film's release to conflict with that of Jism 2 in December.

Is the timing think?

“It is an aware choice to release our film with Jism 2. I know the people is determined to adore my film,” Poonam Pandey is cited as truism.

Poonam reportedly turned down a great countless offers from different Bollywood producers before marking on for this one. Notwithstanding adventitiously, the film could be steered by Amit Saxena who regulated Jism. Poonam is appeared for be charging Rs. 1 crore for the film. The generally speaking plan of the flick is around Rs 7-8 crore.

Further, Sunny Leone has even now shot for the first agenda of Jism 2.

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