Friday, April 22, 2011

Zokkomon - Review

Zokkomon - Review: In the event that you have been sitting tight for an astute jokes' movie, Zokkomon would not be able to be the address but it does pack in a few thrills for the bachcha log.

Regulated by the first-timer Satyajit Bhatkal, the film acquires scraps from the Hollywood movies like Harry Potter or Matilda to weave a story of a stray joke Kunal (Darsheel Safary) who endures at the hands of his eager and wily uncle (played by Anupam Kher).

Kunal is made to change from his all inclusive school to a village school run by his uncle where the pole is not spared, for fear that the young folks get spoilt. On top of it, the merciless uncle pockets every last trace of the cash denoted for the young folks.

Kunal is the uncle's newfangled target. He is taken to the metropolis and relinquished there. The uncle authenticates that Kunal is dead and lines up his pockets. However the youngster, supported by a mad researcher (Kher again in a generally unrecognizable get-up), composes a comeback as a veiled superhero, who does gravity resisting stunts and disciplines his fraud of a uncle.

The film's plot accompanies no coherence or practical judgement skills but is given to haphazard curves and turns unequivocally to make the incidents livelier. It's a unoriginal great vs insidiousness superhero template that does pack in a little inform too.

Darsheel Safary isn’t totally in frame this time around, but the young folks won’t psyche seeing him whizzing around in the superhero makeover. Manjari Phadnis does leave an imprint in a scene or a few but its Anupam Kher, both as the uncle and the researcher, who steals the show with his display.

In short, Zokkomon is a film strictly for young folks.

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