Monday, April 18, 2011

Mahakashay Chakraborty improving his health from fat to fit!

Mahakashay Chakraborty improving his health from fat to fit!: Mimoh Chakraborty was dismissed by movie buffs when he created his acting make a big appearance in the superflop film Jimmy in 2008. Now, he's looking send to a brand new begin.

During that timeframe of the discharge of Jimmy, a ton of negative remarks poured in concerning his burly and cherubic build that gave him the look of a roly-poly kid, not the kind that Indian crowds jump at the chance to see play spearheading roles in films. Clearly, Mimoh appears to have learnt his lesson quick.

Now, rechristened Mahakshay, the junior chap is looking surprisingly thin and macho for his function in director Vikram Bhatt's 3D unpleasantness film Haunted.

Separated from the look, Mahakshay is putting in a great deal of exertion into his part in the film. Activity director Abbas Ali Moghul states there is a scene in the film where a ceiling fixture falls on Mahakshay and he unequivocally rolls afar in time from being pounded under it. However there was a form twofold on the sets, Mahakshay required doing the stunt himself and did it with flying colours.

Wouldn't it be great if we could trust the newfangled makeover and commitment does exceptional to Mahakshay's lifework.

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