Thursday, April 14, 2011

Salman Khan for Kangana Ranaut, Is it true?

Salman Khan for Kangana Ranaut, Is it true?: The man with a golden heart, ruined minx, Bollywood's disagreeable kid, woman charmer--there are such a large number of names for one Khan. Yet most importantly Salman Khan is the best equipped companion one can have in the industry. And then Kangana Ranaut too has grasped this.

Fighting connection-up stories with Salman Khan and Gerard Butler also, Kangana decided on to get the truth out there. While conversing with a tabloid she uncovers her comparison with Salman, whom she regards an excellent associate. Kangana expresss that with time she has apprehended that he is the just individual in the industry ‘who truly cherishes' her.

Notwithstanding whenever she will be in require, Salman can be there to be sure, this is what Kangana thinks who is barely pally with anybody else in the industry. Salman and Kangana's interface-up rumours worked toward getting sparked when the actor's visit to her birthday gathering, that too around 4 am in the morning.

What about Gerard Butler dropping by on the sets of her film in the US? Kangana tells the tabloid, he stopped by to state ‘Hi’.

This is all from Kangana.

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