Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rumour reaction from Yuvraj Singh and Akshara!

Rumour reaction from Yuvraj Singh and Akshara!: Who's the revamped girl in Yuvraj Singh's essence. Well, that would be the question this is been squeezing up a large number of a tattle sessions these days.

The response practically appeared furnished by a most cutting edge media report that proposed that Yuvi is developing astoundingly attached to the south model Akshara Gowda (look at her pics), who exists close by to Yuvi in Mumbai. The article asserted that Yuvraj and Akshara go out for private meals and she's a normal presence at the gatherings hurled by the southpaw.

While Akshara is keeping mum regarding the rumours, Yuvraj has denied them through and through.

He composes on his twitter page: “U need a remark I'll give you one ! Totally outrageous ! Quit joining me to every thinking individual or any individual !”

That carries us to square one... who's that uncommon someone in Yuvraj's existence. Any suppositions?

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