Saturday, May 19, 2012

We want 'Sunny Leone' only in an Adult Movies!

We want 'Sunny Leone' only in an Adult Movies!: Recently we were open a poll on about the Adult star Sunny Leone. The poll was about "In which types of movies you want to see Sunny Leone? Options are 1. Bollywood Movies, 2. Adult Movies and 3. Both Of Them.

So now the Result time to revealed votes about the Sunny Leone's Poll. At the first, 41% people are want to see Adult Star in only Adult Movies, 39% people are eagerly wanted to watch in both Adult & Bollywood Movies and in the last only 18% people are wanted to see Sunny Leone in only Bollywood Movie.
Now Sunny Leone, if you here with us than please keep working for your fans request. Don't forget. All The Very Best!!!

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