Thursday, May 3, 2012

Video - The Dark Knight Rises Latest Trailer leaked

Video - The Dark Knight Rises Latest Trailer leaked: The third trailer, which is moreover being stated to be the last one, of the much-anticipated movie The Dark Knight Rises has debuted on the internet and it has more than enough brand new footage to give!

Firstly, you get to see a ton of Hotwoman fail Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) in this trailer! She is not just viewed kicking, but additionally tossing some punches (joke planned)! Search out for the scene where Anne taunts Batman: “My mother warned me about getting into cars with bizarre.”

Moreover, the science betwixt Batman (Christian Bundle) and Catwoman is essential! While previous, one could have felt that Catwoman is not on the side of Batman, this trailer forces us to reconsider! Surmise we’ll need to sit tight for the movie to release.

Now, approaching the coolest thing regarding the promo-‘The Bat’! The Bat is Batman's last smooth ride! It's an ethereal vehicle which you’ll get to see at the finish of this trailer. The ride is absolutely cool and I scrolled back the trailer twice unequivocally to look at it again! We are pretty confident you’ll do the same.

The Dark Knight Rises is situated to hit the marquee on 20th July.

Let see the latest trailer of the film below:

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