Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shahrukh turns stuntman with 300 foot plunge for Don 2

Shahrukh turns stuntman with 300 foot plunge for Don 2: He would have vertigo, but that didn't stop Shah Rukh Khan from performing a stunt that even other side wife Gauri Khan terrified.

Khan bounced from a tallness of 300 feet from the top of the Park Inn Hotel in Berlin for an arrangement in Farhan Akhtar's Don 2. Known to perform challenging stunts, Khan had started to action alert in light of tough damages that he appropriated endured in the past.

"When Farhan inquired Rukh to hop, his first drive was to state no. Then Shah Rukh inquired to take the plunge to start with, trusting that Farhan could back down. To Shah Rukh's astonish, Farhan hopped, leaving Shah Rukh with no decision but to do the same," stated a cause.

Evidently, both the wives were paralyzed and disliked their spouses' challenging. Adhuna Akhtar and Gauri Khan inquired to avoid doing something comparative in the fate.

"I was small startled, as it was my first day and it was chilly. The shot required me to be on a level plane parallel to the ground," expressed Shah Rukh.

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