Friday, December 2, 2011

Salman Khan wants fans to ‘let go’ from Pooja Bedi's brutal remarks

Salman Khan wants fans to ‘let go’ from Pooja Bedi's brutal remarks: It is a known reality that Pooja Bedi had asserted that Salman Khan turned domineering on Bigg Boss 5 as he spooked Siddharth Bhardwaj for his upsetting shenanigans towards Mahek Chahal.

Not just this, Pooja was even cited as platitude: “No one can question her (Mahek) behaviour resulting from the fact that then he or she inches toward getting portrayed negatively. Everybody in the house thinks Salman is making all major decisions. They are frightened.”

Reports moreover infer that Salman Khan did terrorize Siddharth. Then again however Bigg Boss 5 likewise demonstrated the footage, it was an altered form which gave simply a modest glimpse of what happened in actuality! Well, according to reports, and Pooja, Salman expressed that he could come and kick Siddharth's butt provided that he did not patch his ways!

So when a Salman Khan fan pummeled Pooja Bedi on her twitter record idiom that Salman never stated he will kick his butt, Pooja answered: “did they nt breeze th part when salman went ahead show& reproved sid 4 mehak battle &he could go in home & kick sid's butt??”

Owing to a surge of scorn wires from Salman's fans, Pooja additionally composed: “@BeingSalmanKhan. Has been my companion for over 20 years! I've known him subsequent to before maine pyaar kiya. Chill! I'm proportionately concerned about him.”

Yet, notwithstanding some pitiless statements from Pooja Bedi, Salman Khan is asking his fans to cool off: “Don't focus on abt it , known pooja subsequent to 20yrs , she is sweet , spared it the time to go . Its all great .”

Fantastic to see this mellower side of Salman Khan.

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