Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sonakshi Sinha answers to an absurd fan

Sonakshi Sinha answers to an absurd fan: Twitter is likely a dream stage for the fans of stars to cooperate with them and tell their favourite actor/actress what amount of they fondness them! In any case, there is a particularly slender line amidst adoration and madness. And then looks like Sonakshi Sinha's fan crossed that line!

A devotee of Sonakshi had been tweeting her frantically and quickly day and night. One of his tweets peruses: “i m alwyz telling the god of Muhammad that if v wl nt b as a single unit in this globe bt the universe when this, her hand shld b in my hand.”

But also in the event that you think this was wild, you need to perused his alternate tweet! He inquired to enlist him as a nokar (servant): “@sonakshisinha plz kep me with u even ur nokar.”

But also the aforementioned are simply a couple of tweets we have said! His record is overflowed with tweets to Sonakshi!

Responding to the servant tweet, Sonakshi Sinha answered: “@owais7OVIE dont declare things like I wanna b ur nokar. Ooncha socho. I'm certain ur a youthful skilled individual. Make the most out of essence. Good fortunes.”

Sonakshi, it is stupendous to see that you administer to your fans! Now, you altogether defend the tweet by your fan: “@sonakshisinha my soni is ideal in globe.” Wink

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