Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shahrukh Khan begins a whirlwind India tour for 'Ra.One'

Shahrukh Khan begins a whirlwind India tour for 'Ra.One': Shahrukh Khan is heading for good things for Ra.One. The King Khan has begun his bharat bhraman and will make up for lost time with his fans from Kolkata to Delhi.

Shahrukh was yesterday in Vadodara, Gujarat; previous he was in Chennai for ‘Ra.One’ sound start in Tamil; and soon he should be in the urban areas Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi, as a major aspect of his five-urban area tour after the discharge of his showstopper sci-fi.

Then again speculate who unveiled the portions of his tour? Performing artist-vocalist Meiyang Chang, who is going with the superstar on his India tour. Chang tweeted the calendar: “Hosting a 5-metropolis promotional tour of Ra.One with SRK! Baroda 12th Oct, Bhopal 13th Oct, Kolkata 15th Oct, Bangalore 16th Oct, Delhi 18th Oct.”

That would be call for a hurrah! And then fans from alternate urban areas require not fear as its caught that Shahrukh has gotten ready for 36-metropolis tour in India and abroad.

Shahrukh Khan additionally tweeted from Vadodara, “in vadodara.wot a gorgeous urban area. my first time here...under the appearance of elevations see situations i have never been to..whirlwind india tour!! had junior kids & youngsters emulating me on their several wheelers waving out & screeching. if its not too much trouble please make a special effort to be deliberate doing that i work toward getting scared for u all.”

Shahrukh will be visiting Dubai, too, for a great debut on October 24, while ‘Ra.One’ is hitting the theatres on October 26.

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