Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shahrukh Khan's son Aryan feels his father is not a stud!

Shahrukh Khan's son Aryan feels his father is not a stud!: Shahrukh Khan's charming 14-year-old son Aryan feels his father is not a stud enough! Yes, that would be a significant disclosure! When kids go oohh and aah over Shahrukh and gentlemen accompany his style to look cool, his son feels not the same for his superstar papa. Shahrukh was speaking to the media at the music start of Ra.One, and uncovered how the picture is regarding the connection in the middle of each father and son.

In the film ‘Ra.One’, Shahrukh is likewise a father of a youthful joke moreover being a superhero who recoveries the globe. The character expresss that the picture has a touch of his connection with his son Aryan.

“My picture ‘Ra.One’ takes up conversation about the connection among each father and son. So the picture has a spot of my connection with my son. Prefer he feels that I’m not cool enough and he feels that I don't have amazing abdominals and I’m not a stud enough. The little person in this picture likewise feels comparable things,” SRK tells news people around the same time as the music start of the picture.

The superstar likewise feels that ‘RA.One’ will get sons closer to their fathers, and its a picture not just for movement sweethearts but additionally for the tribes. The motion picture will speak to every last trace of the sons and fathers. While expression so much, Shahrukh even specified his pop whom he has lost years back, and still misses him.

Subsequently, ‘Ra.One’ joins a post for youngsters: adore your father.

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