Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Catch Ranbir Kapoor with a puzzle young lady at late night!

Catch Ranbir Kapoor with a puzzle young lady at late night!: The blaze of adolescent on fire in him, Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor, who's been deservingly given the center name of ‘Casanova’, was spotted holding over sips with a really maid at a club newly.

Ranbir and this youngster whose personality is still not known were viewed at Aer Bar in Four Seasons, Worli, on Friday night. Reports state Ranbir was attempting to cover his personality under a cap. He and the youngster strolled in the bar around 11 pm, took a table that supported most extreme security, then after that spent the time gulping, kidding and chattering.

Now, its unmistakably tricky to know for any onlooker from a remote place what the subject of their dialogue was, but it was visibly obvious that the a few were all in all cozy and very delighted in one another team.

They reportedly alternate the bar as a single unit a small before 1 am.

On the other hand, an associate of Ranbir's told a tabloid that the actor was at the bar with a bunch of companions and not simply one youngster apart from everyone else.

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