Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shahrukh Khan quit Twitter because of Nasty comments

Shahrukh Khan quit Twitter because of Nasty comments: Even after having more than 8 lakh followers on Twitter, Shahrukh Khan has decided to quit the social networking site because of the nasty comments that some have been posting him.

In a recent interview on a TV show, SRK opened up about why he’s been keeping away from Twitter despite having posted regular tweets for a long time. In his tweets, SRK used to share a lot of personal moments, from the pics of his family to his worries at film shoots.

But he’s been asked many questions on Twitter that simply embarrassed him.

“As an actor and as a celebrity, I often come across people who look into my eye and ask me embarrassing questions at press conferences. However, I don't have any option other than putting up a smiling face and replying to the questions even if I am upset or angry. It has been happening since 20 years and it happened even during my interactions on Twitter. But I am socially inept, I don't know how to handle relationships and am not very good at dealing with such questions and therefore I thought it would be best to quit,” Shahrukh revealed in the interview.

One such nasty remark was made by a person who said that Shahrukh comes on Twitter only to promote his films.

“There were comments that 'Oh he only comes on Twitter when he wants to promote his films'. Well with all due respect to everyone, I want to say that 8-10 lakh do not make a film hit,” SRK rightly said.

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